Our Professional Development Courses Offer

Our Professional Development Courses Offer

What will you learn by taking one of our professional development courses:

Story is a way to move knowledge from generation to generation. Story is the ultimate connector.

1. Experience the stories, reflect on and retell the stories that teach us about our land, ceremonies, survival skills and language.

2. Learn the stories that can revitalize our systems of parenthood, education, governance, etc.

3. Learn to speak and understand nêhiyawêwin.

4. Learn the original laws of this land.

Why is this valuable?

Identity is built from the stories we are told as children. If you work with or raise nêhiyaw children and youth in their own stories, they will grow into their identity as nêhiyawak.

How does the iSI fit into the revitalization of culture?

iSI will create the liaison between people working with youth or parenting youth and the knowledge keepers who carry the stories - bringing people together. iSI will provide language courses. iSI will provide an apprenticeship with a storyteller.
But most importantly, iSI is determined to keep our stories alive and moving from generation to generation.
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